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    Study site: Baitabag (Kau Wildlife Area)

    GPS: -5.138219, 145.753672
    Elevation: 50-100

    The Kau Wildlife Area is located in lowland rainforest in moderately downy terrain about 15km N of Madang and 2km W from the Bismarck Sea coastline. It is one of the oldest conservation areas around Madang representing the last remaining patches of primary rainforest easily reached from the town of Madang. The forest around Baitabag village consists of patches of primary and secondary forests intermixed, whereas pristine primary forest starts about 3km from the village connecting the coastal areas with the nearby Adalbert range. Due to the long tradition of numerous scientific projects occurring there it represents probably the most comprehensively scientifically explored rainforest area in Melanesia.

    View towards Madang
    Mixture of primary and secondary forest
    Baitabag village
    Ficus tree