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    Study site: Lembena, Enga Province

    GPS: -4.96, 144.108333
    Elevation: 150-300 m

    The Lembena village is located in the political boundary between East Sepik and Enga Provinces. Its altitude rages from 150-300 masl. It has large amount of tropical rain forest still intact in place. Yet there are occasional grassland patches, especially along the Biwat River. The place is encircled by mountain range. The temperature ranges from 23-27 degrees and cool breeze is experienced every afternoon. The rivers and streams are typical of mountain streams and found to contain alluvial gold dust. Recent gardening activities have clear nearby forests bushes so that there are new secondary forest patches emerging continuously. In September 2009, Sentiko Ibalim and Thomas Pius surveyed this locality for ants as part of rapid biodiversity survey organised by Partners with Melanesians (PWM).