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    Web team

    Milan Janda

    Project coordinator, material and data processing, taxonomy

    I’m leading research projects in Laboratory of ecology and evolution of social insects at Biology Center, Czech Academy of Sciences and work as a postdoctoral fellow in Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. My research interests are ecology and evolution of ants, including diversity patterns and biogeography of Melanesian species. I’m also interested in interactions between ants, insect herbivores and plants. Since 2002 our team is surveying ant fauna across New Guinea with aim to build resources for further knowledge of Melanesian ants.

    Personal website: M. Janda at Pierce Lab ; Photography archive: Photos by emjanda

    Marek Borowiec

    Taxonomic expertise & material processing

    My activities in New Guinean ant project include processing samples from Winkler apparatus and identification of species. My primary research interests are taxonomy, phylogeny, and zoogeography of the Formicidae. Currently I am focused on diversity and evolution of the subfamily Cerapachyinae. Other biology-related interests cover natural history, biographies, history of biology. I am studying at Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Wrocław, Poland. (e-mail:

    Petr Klimes

    Material and data processing, canopy ants

    I am PhD student at the Biology Center, Czech Academy of Sciences & Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, participating on projects of prof. Novotny tropical research group. I am interested in ecology and diversity of ants and their insect symbionts, with the main focus on the arboreal species of lowland forest of New Guinea. My other research interests include feeding ecology of the granivorous carabid beetles in Europe and the interactions of insects and their feeding resources.

    Ana Jesovnik

    Material processing, leaf litter ants

    I have graduated biology on University in Zagreb and my current job is teaching biology in primary school in Croatia. My work for New Guinea project include isolation of Mini-Winkler samples and sorting them to morpho species. My interest in ants are very broad- I can see my self doing almost anything form ecology and behavior, to taxonomy and phylogeny. I am a current president of Croatian myrmecological society, and we are mostly doing the inventory and ecology projects. I would like to be admitted to an ant-related PhD program for the next year. (e-mail:, web:

    Jakub Kotrla

    Database & webpage development

    I have graduated in computer science and now I am a programmer and web developer. Ants always fascinated me - their social behaviour and interactions have parallels in computer science (mostly in artificial intelligence). I've developed as a database with web frontend using PHP & MySQL and jQuery.

    Katayo Sagata

    Field research & data collecting

    Katayo is a biologist at PNG Institute of Biological Research and at La Trobe University. He is interested in ecology and systematcis of Melanesian ants. Katayo participates on data and material collecting mainly from high elevation sites.

    Pavel Riha

    Graphic design & webpage development

    Photography & photo editing

    Milan Janda; Ondrej Kott;Alexandr Pospech;Michal Nemec