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    Welcome to the Ants of New Guinea

    This database provides specimen records, images and other information about the ants of New Guinea and surrounding regions. Our goal is to facilitate access to contemporary and historic collections of Melanesian ants and provide resources for research of their taxonomy and ecology.

    The material and data displayed here represents both described and undescribed species. New specimens are gradually updated as new material from ongoing projects is processed.

    The Ants of New Guinea are linked with databases AntWiki, AntCat, AntWeb and Barcodes of Life.

    Species in database: 1400
    Species photographed: 702
    Introduced ants in Papua New Guinea
    (poster for download and free distribution)

    The latest online checklist available at AntWiki.

    Contact: Videos: New Guinea Ants on Youtube

    The Ants of New Guinea project was funded by grants from the Czech Science Foundation (P505/12/2467) and Marie Curie Fellowship (PIOFGA2009-25448).

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