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    Gallery Habitats

    Melanesia is a region with highly diverse natural environment and vegetation types. Although covered mainly with humid rainforests, the whole area comprises of wide range of habitats that include savanna grasslands, wetlands, glaciated summits of mountain range, karst areas, active volcanoes, as well as hundreds of continental and oceanic islands of various origin.

    Here we present the major habitat types found across New Guinea and adjacent archipelagos. The selection mostly reflects the habitats recognised by insect collectors and most of them can be subdivided more finely. The presented list is thus not comprehensive but its purpose is just to introduce more closely the rich variety of Melanesian environment.

    Low land primary forestCoastalMontane valleysPantationVolcanic areasSecondary forest

    The habitat gallery is continuously expanded as new photos from different places of Melanesia are included.

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